Kimski: Building Bridges in Bridgeport


Kimski, the Korean and Polish fusion counter, opened its doors in Bridgeport on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016. Created by Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar and chef Won Kim, the new establishment already has new patrons queueing up around the block. My good friend Santi and I paid a visit to Kimski after a trip to the Chicago Cultural Center for the Lake FX Expo to try out a couple of their dishes and have a beer at Maria’s.

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At the Denim Swap with Runway Addicts


Chicago fashion collective Runway Addicts held their inaugural event, the Denim Swap, at the end of April. Held at denim boutique Stock Manufacturing Company, the event brought together denim aficionados throughout Chicagoland, and invited guests to donate and trade their denim goods. As a previous collaborator and colleague of the group, I made a visit to the outskirts of the West Loop in order to attend the event and perhaps find some old denim that I can use for future projects.

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Canadian Fashion Designers at Inland Show


It takes an amazing amount of talent, passion, organization, and time to create a great event and Sarah Powers has done it and is about to do it again. Inland is a semi annual fashion pop up event that occurs in Toronto during the spring and fall seasons. Thanks to Katie from Yow City Style, I got the chance to catch up with this entrepreneur who has a genuine kindness and love for Canadian fashion.

Inland Beginnings

A statement necklace by Anne-Marie Chagnon. Photo credit to Andreea Muscurel.
A statement necklace by Anne-Marie Chagnon. Photo credit to Andreea Muscurel.

The inaugural show happened in September 2014. Inspiration for the creation and curation of the show stemmed from Sarah’s previous event management experience working for the former The Clothing Show. As a fashion lover and graduate from Humber College studying fashion design, she also recognized that Canadian designers have limited resources to showcase their talent. They are extremely hungry to display their works of art. When comparing other country’s local fashion scenes, it is evident how much pride and support fashion designers get in places such as England, Spain and Italy. Inland is a way for Toronto to give back to its local and national designers.

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The Philippines: Pinto Art Museum


After nine years since my last visit to the motherland, I returned to the Philippines searching for a different experience and a new perspective of things. In this trip, I wanted to make a much more in-depth examination of a culture that is very familiar to me due to my upbringing, yet unfamiliar in the cognitive sense. Cultures are reflected through their artwork and craftsmanship, and one of the best ways to learn about the Philippines was to visit the Pinto Art Museum.

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Burdock – Good Eats in Bloordale

Dining area at the Burdock Kitchen.
There are so many incredible hidden gems throughout the city of Toronto, and the Burdock located in the Bloordale Village neighbourhood is no exception. Ever since I noticed the globe string lights hanging outside above the patio, this corner establishment always piqued my interest. For months I drove past the place, always intending to check it out but became busy with many life things. I really had no excuse since the white bricked building with old Portuguese tiling on the inside is literally a 4 minute walk from my house. And now I am kicking for myself for not exploring Burdock sooner!
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Check Out Tweet for Brunch Chicago

Coffee mug with the Tweet logo on it.

We all love brunch o’clock. It has got to be the best meal(s) of the week! Whether you are a Chicago native, from the surrounding area, a tourist visiting the city or just quickly passing through, Tweet is the place to eat at!

Egg omelette with the fixings.
Disappointment doesn’t exist at Tweet, as all of their food is delicious! Doesn’t this egg omelette look amazing?

Upon the recommendation from Alex’s sister, we took her up on the suggestion and enjoyed an brunch at Tweet a few Sundays ago before visiting the Van Gogh exhibit. It was an enjoyable time and in great company as Alex’s parents also joined us. Tweet is located in the Rogers Park neighborhood at 5020 North Sheridan Rd and has been in business since 2003.

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Feeling the Love at the Love Mural

Meg - Love Sign2

Love: a word so open to interpretation that it’s often used freely. We use it to describe our feelings for material things, as well as our feelings for our children. The word can be complicated, as we tell people we barely know that we love them, yet find it difficult to tell people we love the same thing. It conjures up positive feelings from the moment a person hears or reads the word. ‘Love’ begets love.

Alex - Love Sign
Parking myself on a curb along Damen Ave.

On an unseasonably warm February afternoon, Meg and I drove down Damen Avenue and saw a big mural with the word ‘love’ that caught our attention. The street art piece is on the @properties building on the corner of Damen Avenue and Cortland Street, and features ‘love’ repeated twice in cursive. It’s monochromatic: painted in white with black letters, black with white letters, and back to white again.

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Add Positivity to Your Space with Cambie Designs

Photo of Camille, the owner and founder of Cambie Designs

Hearts will melt with Cambie Designs. From the unique history and background to the incredible product, what’s not to love about this brand and entrepreneur?

Meet Camille

Sweet, kind, approachable and positive were the first words that came to mind as soon as I met Camille. We met on a cold Tuesday afternoon, and chatted together for well over an hour. She has a true eye for design and delivers outstanding customer service. We laughed about shameful fashion items we had both purchased in our younger years and what our current fashion styles reflect (both of us like classic pieces and lean more towards the minimalist trend).

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Celebrating Handcraftmanship with Knots and Pipes

Close up of the 1100 Style Necklace.

Uniqueness, rawness and high quality craftsmanship were the first things that came to mind when I initially laid eyes on my Knot and Pipes necklace. One night, while I was casually doing an Instagram creep, I scrolled upon an account called the Midnight Mkrt and their feature designer of that moment. That designer happened to be Knots and Pipes. And from here, this is where my love and appreciation for the brand began.

Meet Knots and Pipes

Sometimes we just know. It can’t necessarily be described in words, but something resonates inside of us and we just have to grasp it and make it ours. I wasted no time reaching out and direct messaged the Knots and Pipes Instagram account right away. Heather, the owner and designer, kindly set aside the necklace I had fallen head over heels for. Right off the bat, customer service was top notch with this brand.

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Review of a View: Van Gogh’s Bedrooms


The Van Gogh’s Bedrooms exhibit was one I was waiting to see once it was announced for February 2016. The three paintings, recreations of the artist’s bedroom in Arles, France, was to be the first time they were shown in North America. I didn’t have a chance to visit the exhibits in Amsterdam and Paris in 2014, and since Meg was going to be in town for the weekend, I figured that this would be the best time to check it out in Chicago.

Balcony displays above the Greek exhibit.

Sunday Funday

After filling ourselves with brunch, coffee, and mimosas from Tweet in uptown, Meg and I headed downtown to the Art Institute of Chicago. With it being Sunday and with the weather being so nice that weekend, we figured the lines would be extremely busy. We bought our tickets (according to our youthful appearance, we were registered as “students”!) and made our way into the foyer. Fortunately, the steady traffic of the museum made it a breeze to navigate through the halls of the new exhibit.

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